BRUNCH for April 21, 2019

Hello, and happy Sunday! Here are some things I found interesting recently:

Today’s cover photo is by Alexi Carey, who says it’s “my attempt to make Beef wellington into a football snack, with hotdog, Velveeta and pillsbury dough”. The next one could be yours, along with a link and message from you right here!

And here are some things that I published:

  • I launched a new podcast while I was at CodeStock in Knoxville. Please tune your favorite podcatcher to The Cache Flush!.
  • New on RubyTapas: part one of a two-part intro to the Roda lightweight web application library, from guest chef Federico Iachetti.
  • Also: I am really excited to publish Pitch a Plan, not a Promotion, a new guest episode from Brandon Hays. I think Brandon’s message has the potential to change a lot of people’s careers for the better.
  • I joined the panel on >Code to interview my friend Sam Aaron, who teaches kids both music and programming with his work on the amazing Sonic Pi project.
  • I’m still excited about my new Patreon. Having supporters there makes it a much easier decision to launch new free resources like The Cache Flush ? I’ve been enjoying the discussions on the patron Slack, and publishing a bunch of behind-the-scenes video.