Tasting Menus

What are Tasting Menus?

The RubyTapas menu has gotten pretty long over the years. It can be hard to know where to start!

If you’re not sure where to dive in, let us help. We’ve prepared a selection of Tasting Menus. Each menu is full course of episodes, hand-selected and carefully ordered to get you up to speed for a particular topic or situation. And each lesson has its own introduction to help tie it into the overall sequence.

(Well, OK, technically we are in the process of preparing a selection of Tasting Menus. You can expect to see the list below steadily expand over time. Be sure to leave feedback about which course topic you’d like to see next!)

These are “living courses”, meaning that as new content is added to the site, we’ll be updating and expanding the appropriate courses to reference it.

(Because of the extra work involved in creating and maintaining the Tasting Menus, they are available to Ravenous-level members only.)

Designing with Objects

Level up your object-oriented design skills with this course on the OO mindset.

Ruby Literals

The very first tasting menu is, fittingly, about one of the first topics RubyTapas ever covered: Ruby’s rich syntax for representing and quoting literal values in code.

What’s next? You decide!

Tell us which tasting menu you most want to see next!

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