Tasting Menu: Designing with Objects

Have you ever wondered: “how do I decide which classes/objects to create?” If so, this tasting menu on the object-oriented mindset is for you.

More than just a grab-bag, these videos have been carefully selected and ordered. Beginning with an overview of the core object-oriented idea, the course then steadily builds on a common theme: how to identify implicit concepts and then represent those concepts as objects.

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Module 1 Designing with Objects
Unit 1 Introduction to Designing with Objects
Unit 2 The essence of the object-oriented idea
Unit 3 nil values, and why to avoid them
Unit 4 Represent special cases as objects
Unit 5 How to represent the do-nothing case as an object
Unit 6 Replace primitive objects with Whole Values
Unit 7 Steer clear of parallel hierarchies
Unit 8 Represent invalid input as an Exceptional Value
Unit 9 Keeping abstraction levels consistent
Unit 10 Represent blank fields as objects
Unit 11 Slim down big objects using smart collections
Unit 12 Capture business rules as objects
Unit 13 Understanding the difference between type and class
Unit 14 How to discover new classes using differentiation
Unit 15 Conclusion to Designing with Objects