Frequently Asked Questions

2.0 Migration

What is RubyTapas 1.0?

From September 2012 to May 2016, RubyTapas subscriptions were delivered and billed through a hosted service called DPD. If you joined RubyTapas before June 2016, this is the system you’re used to.

What is RubyTapas 2.0?

You’re looking at it! At the end of May, 2016, we rolled out a completely new RubyTapas website. It supersedes the old hosted platform, and adds many requested features, including streaming video, search, episode categorization, and much more.

Member Questions

Do you support email notifications for new episodes?

Yes, email notifications go out to subscribers for every new episode. If you’re not receiving them, please check to make sure they are not going to your spam folder. If you still don’t see them, contact us!

I’m already a subscriber, why can’t I log in here??

If you’re reading this, you are looking at RubyTapas 2.0. This is a totally new site, with a new subscription system that’s not connected to the old DPD site.

If you’re a subscriber from the 1.0 days, we’ve sent you a migration invitation email, with instructions on how to move your account to the new system.

Podcast feed error on iTunes: “The name or password entered for was incorrect. Please try again.”

Log in using your site username, instead of your email address.

What happened to the iTunes/podcast feed?

It’s over here!

Team Accounts

Can I let team members sign themselves up?


  1. Click on Account → My Subscriptions 
  2. Locate your team subscription in the list, and click “Sub Accounts” to the right.
  3. Scroll down until you see the team signup URL. You can share this URL with your team members so they can sign themselves up. Please have team members use their full email address as their login.
How do I add a team member to my team account?
  1. Click on Account → My Subscriptions
  2. Find the subscription for your team account, e.g. “Table for 20”
  3. In the rightmost list column, click on “Sub Accounts”
  4. Click “Add Sub Account”
  5. A form will appear where you can fill in the new team member’s details. Please use the member’s full email address as their login.
How should I format my CSV file for the member import feature?
First off: unless you need to import a large number of accounts all at once, you’re probably better off using the individual account add UI.
Here’s the documentation for the member import feature, straight from the vendor:
The only fields needed for the CSV are:
  • Username (“username”) [Note: Please use the member’s full email address as their username]
  • Email (“email”)
  • First name (“first_name”)
  • Last name (“last_name”)
Here’s a link to a sample corporate sub-account member import file:
In addition, note that the import is a bit finicky about leading/trailing whitespace.