RubyTapas Team Plans

What’s an even better gift for your engineering team than free pizza? Delicious, satisfying RubyTapas to feed their minds every week of the year!

Our team subscribers love the way RubyTapas supplements their internal developer training programs with practical teachings on the Ruby language, object-oriented design, testing, refactoring, and more. Some teams watch RubyTapas videos during weekly lunch-and-learn sessions. Some organizations even incorporate it into their apprenticeship or internship curriculum!

When you sign up for a team account, you’ll get a your own team admin panel where you can add and remove team members as needed. Every team member will get the equivalent of a top-end “Ravenous”-level individual account, including:

  • Fresh content every week.
  • Immediate access to the full archive of 400+ episodes (and always growing!)
  • Episode downloads, for offline viewing.
  • …and any other features and perks we add to the “Ravenous” plan in the future.

To get started, pick the plan level that matches your team size.

Have a question about team plans?

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan later?
Yes! If the plan you are on no longer fits your team, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan level. Your subscription fee will be prorated appropriately.

Do you have a larger team? Or do you have other questions about team accounts? Drop us a line!