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Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails

Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails (MOOM) is a compilation of lessons learned about writing flexible and comprehensible OO code, distilled and applied to practical Ruby and Rails examples. Rather than teaching a comprehensive “system” for OO design, MOOM focuses on inspiration: giving you the tools you need to identify the “missing objects” to decompose your applications into small, cohesive parts.

MOOM is built around a core of classic RubyTapas episodes, but adds hours of new content in the form of guest Q&A sessions, recorded pair-programming sessions, links to further reading/viewing, a dedicated forum, and more.

MOOM is hosted externally from the RubyTapas site. If you’re a RubyTapas Ravenous member, you get MOOM for free! Just use the coupon code below when checking out.