Good morning, and happy Sunday! Here are some things I found interesting recently.

(Today’s title photo is by Brian, who thinks this was a very creative version of poke from Five & Dime in Evanston. The next title photo could be yours!)

I already mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, but since then I’ve been adding to my Lies of Object Oriented Programming email course almost every day. It now contains essays on why “object-oriented” was an ill-chosen name, how inheritance and even classes are often distractions from the core of OO design, why the “objects=data+behavior” formulation is dead wrong, and a bunch more. It’s still completely free, and you can click here to subscribe now.

And speaking of OO design: for RubyTapas subscribers, there’s a new episode on avoiding the worst consequences of mutable states by treating your objects as disposable.

Thanks for joining me for BRUNCH. See you next week!