A (new!) list of programming screencast series

RubyTapas is part of a rich ecosystem of programming-related screencast series. I’ve always made an effort to support and encourage other content creators in this space.

One of the ways I’ve tried to do this is by raising the visibility of other screencast series. A few years ago I published a list of all the ones I knew about on my developer blog. That list has now grown a little long in the tooth. Many of the entries on it are no longer active or even available, and many new screencasters have cropped up to fill the voids.

With the release of RubyTapas 2.0, I thought it might be a good time to revisit this directory. So I’ve gone over the original list and all of the comments, and compiled a brand-new list. Without further ado, here it is:

Active Series

Inactive, but still available

Courses, MOOCs, and Video Catalogs

These sites don’t quite fit into the “screencast series” mold, but they are still worth mentioning.

And now, the big question: what did I miss?