ERB – eRuby – Embedded Ruby

The Masala Chef at RubyTapas was sorting through the spices and discovered that there is no full episode on ERB (also called eRuby and Embedded Ruby) on the shelf.

We do have a link to the Wikipedia article on eRuby, which says

eRuby (Embedded Ruby) is a templating system that embeds Ruby into a text document. It is often used to embed Ruby code in an HTML document,…

ERB is part of the Ruby standard library. You do not need to install any other software to use it.

Ruby has a class, ERB, for Embedded Ruby objects.

Stuart Ellis has written An Introduction to ERB Templating.

The Masala Chef has mentioned to the Head Chef the desirability of a sideboard or an episode on ERB, so if you want to nag us to have ERB on our shelves, please submit the form below. Thanks!

— K. A. G. Sundaram,  Masala Chef

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