Hey! You blocked me!

If you have found your way to this page, the chances are you’ve tried to log into the site, but been prevented from doing so due to having “multiple existing sessions”, meaning you are logged in somewhere else. A few somewhere elses, actually.

In order to create a new session, you’ll need to go to your other browsers/devices where you are logged into the site and log out (or if you wait 32 hours, without using the session, this will happen automatically).

Please note that closing a browser tab doesn’t always automatically close your session. You may have to re-open the browser and navigate back to the site in order to properly log out and terminate that session.

If sounds like too much work (e.g. you no longer have easy access to devices where you are logged in, or simply can’t remember where you are logged in), please contact support, and we’ll be happy to terminate all your existing sessions for you.