RubyTapas Pricing Survey

Hi there! My name is Avdi Grimm. I’m the head chef here at RubyTapas, and I’m trying to gather some feedback on pricing.

As a reward for taking the time to fill out the survey below, one lucky winner will receive six free months of RubyTapas!

(Note: this survey is primarily aimed at people who have not already subscribed.)

About RubyTapas

In a moment, I’m going to ask you some questions about subscription pricing. But first, in order for you to know what you’re evaluating, I need to tell you a little about RubyTapas. (If you’re already familiar with RubyTapas, feel free to skip down to the survey!)

What is it? RubyTapas is a subscription video screencast series for programmers, especially Ruby developers. Episodes are delivered twice a week. They are short, focused, and fast-paced—usually coming in at five minutes or less. Each episode aims to teach you one new idea in the time it takes to grab a latte.

Now in its fourth year, RubyTapas has released more than 400 vepisodes. That’s well over 24 hours of straight video, making RubyTapas one of the largest archives of Ruby-focused video training available.

What topics are covered? RubyTapas episodes are aimed at working programmers. They cover intermediate and advanced topics, including:

  • Ruby idioms, conventions, gotchas and dark corners
  • Object-oriented design
  • Pragmatic use of design patterns
  • Essential libraries and gems
  • Testing and refactoring best practices

What do subscribers get?

  • Two new episodes a week
  • Episode scripts, for those who prefer reading to watching
  • Access to the full archive of over 400 past episodes.

Can I see some examples? Of course! I periodically release freebie episodes. Here’s a list of all of them.

What are your qualifications? As head chef, I draw on 15 years of experience with the Ruby language. I wrote the books Confident Ruby and Exceptional Ruby. I’m a frequent speaker at programming conferences, a co-teacher of Sandi Metz’ popular POOD courses, and a Ruby Hero award recipient.


The Survey

OK! Now that you know a little about the show, I’d like to get some feedback on how you would value a subscription to RubyTapas.