Here at RubyTapas we have been searching for weeks for a good definition or discussion of attractor.  So far the best we have found is —

“By aggressively eliminating knowledge duplication through reification, we often find that we have built classes that naturally accept new behaviors that arise. They not only accept, but attract them; by the time we are looking to implement a new behavior, there is already a type that is an obvious place to put it.”

— by Corey Haines in his book Understanding the Four Rules of Simple Design.


(Another, rather abstruse, definition of attractor can be found at Wolfram MathWorld.)

The Masala Chef in particular is urging the Head Chef to make a sideboard on “Attractor“, so if you want to nag us to supply better definition and/or discussion of attractor, please submit the form below. Thanks!

— K. A. G. Sundaram,  Masala Chef