RubyTapas is Moving to Graceful.Dev

RubyTapas is moving to Graceful.Dev! I’ve talked about this in emails to subscribers and in a blog post. You can also read a longer version of the story at the new site.

What this means for subscribers:

  • Graceful.Dev is the new hotness. It is everything RubyTapas ever was, but bigger, faster, more frequently updated, and with more courses and features.
  • You do NOT have to migrate your subscription. will continue to host your existing subscription info, including any legacy discounts you might have. You will continue to get RubyTapas subscription invoices, and you can continue to manage your legacy subscription at
  • Your RubyTapas subscription is already honored at Graceful.Dev. All active RubyTapas accounts have been linked to a Graceful.Dev Pro account, with a special “Legacy RubyTapas” subscription there. So long as your RubyTapas subscription stays current, you don’t need to sign up for a new membership at Graceful.Dev. You should have received an email with your Graceful.Dev login info.
  • It may be cheaper for you to move your subscription. If you currently have an undiscounted Ravenous plan here at RubyTapas, it may be more cost-effective for you to cancel it and re-subscribe at Graceful.Dev.
  • All RubyTapas episodes are now available at Graceful.Dev. You can find them in the Graceful.Dev mega-course called The Tapastry, conveniently organized by year. And unlike RubyTapas, on Graceful.Dev you can keep track of which ones you’ve already watched!
  • No new content will be added to RubyTapas. All new content from myself (Avdi) and other contributors is now being added at Graceful.Dev, not RubyTapas.
  • Content will be removed from RubyTapas in future. Old RubyTapas episodes will continue to be available at for a while, but eventually they will be removed in favor of the copies at Graceful.Dev. will remain available as a place to manage your legacy subscription.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the new site.

Cheers, and I can’t wait to see you on Graceful.Dev!

— Avdi