Legacy FAQ

This is the FAQ from the OLD RubyTapas site. It is kept around for the benefit of users still on the DPD system. If you’ve signed up with RubyTapas 2.0 (that is, if you go to rubytapas.com to view your videos), then none of this applies to you.

Watching the videos

Will I be able to download the videos to my iPad/phone/Raspberry Pi-powered augmented reality goggles?

Yes. Subscribers receive RubyTapas screencasts as MPEG4 video downloads which should be compatible with most portable devices.

Where are my downloads?!!

Subscribers may always access the full episode archive here:

I subscribed, but only see the free sample episodes. What gives?

Are you sure you’re looking at the subscriber site? (Hint: this isn’t it). Subscribers should go to https://rubytapas.dpdcart.com/subscriber/content
to download their videos.

Yes, having this site and the subscriber site be separate is less than ideal. I hope to address this eventually.

Is there an iTunes-compatible RSS feed?

Yes! There are icons for the RSS feed on the subscriber content page. The feed can be used in iTunes or any other podcatcher that supports HTTP Basic Auth. The feed login and password are the same as your RubyTapas login (email address) and password.

I searched for the podcast in iTunes but it was not found!

The Apple iTunes Store rules do not allow paid podcasts to be listed in the iTunes Store, so RubyTapas is not, and probably will never, be listed there. To add the RubyTapas RSS feed, use the RSS or Itunes icons on the subscriber content page. Or just manually enter the following URL into iTunes or another podcast app:


Why doesn’t the RSS feed work in the iOS podcast app?

It seems Apple’s iOS podcast app doesn’t play well with feeds from outside the iTunes store. It is possible to subscribe in iTunes and then sync the subscription with your IOS device; Noah Hendrix has been kind enough to write up directions. My iOS-using subscribers recommend
Downcast or Instacast as an alternative to the built-in podcast app. You can subscribe to RubyTapas directly from within these apps.

For Android users, I’ve used and can recommend bothDoggCatcher
and BeyondPod.

Can I watch the subscription episodes without downloading them?

A streaming player for the subscriber site is a high priority planned feature.

Is there a way to automatically download all the files for each episode?

Several RubyTapas subscribers have written tools to help download episodes:

Disclaimer: I have not tested any of these, and cannot offer support for them.

Accounts and Billing

Do you offer discounts for teams?

Yes. Contact us to find out about our team pricing.

How can I update my credit card info?

If you subscribed with a credit card, you can go to your account profile page and click “Update billing info”. If you subscribed with PayPal, you must manage your payment details from within your PayPal account.