Donate to the RubyTapas scholarship fund

Hiya! As the head chef here at RubyTapas, I have various programs to enable people who might not otherwise be able to benefit from the teachings here to get complementary accounts. For instance, I send people free subscriptions for sending me a physical postcard, and sometimes I do giveaways on Twitter.

Running this show and supporting users is my full-time job and supports my family, so I greatly appreciate it when people or companies pitch in to help out with the cost of scholarships. This page is your opportunity to do just that!

Some disclaimers: It’s a pretty barebones donation system right now. There’s no way yet to gift a scholarship to a specific person, although I’m thinking about adding that. I’m afraid I don’t have reporting in place for how much I’ve collected, and I don’t (yet) have any “reward” system in place. It’s also not a tax-deductible program, sorry.

You can pick how much you want to donate, though!

Thank you so much for your generosity and for helping me help the developer community.


— Avdi

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