Compendious Thunks Series 1

Join Chris Strom for a playful yet practical in-depth exploration of classic design patterns. Go beyond the basics, and learn useful pattern variations, common design gotchas to avoid, and how to choose the appropriate pattern for a problem.

Note: this course is currently incomplete. We’ll be adding additional units over time.

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Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 The Command Pattern
Unit 1 Command Pattern Intro
Unit 2 Command Undo
Unit 3 Command with Multiple Receivers
Unit 4 Command Redoing Undo
Unit 5 Macro Commands
Unit 6 Command Explosion
Module 3 The Chain of Responsibility Pattern
Unit 1 Chain of Responsibility Pattern Intro
Unit 2 Whither the Successor in the Chain of Responsibility
Unit 3 Multi-Requested Chain of Responsibility
Unit 4 Auto-Forwarding the Chain of Responsibility
Unit 5 Non-Delivery in the Chain of Responsibility
Unit 6 Runtime Successors in the Chain of Responsibility
Module 4 The Adapter Pattern
Unit 1 Adapter Pattern Intro
Unit 2 The Class Adapter
Unit 3 Pluggable Adapters
Unit 4 Pluggable Adapter 2: The Revenge of Classes and Objects
Unit 5 Two-Way Adapters
Unit 6 Async Adapters
Module 5 The Bridge Pattern
Unit 1 Bridge Pattern Intro
Unit 2 Extreme Extensibility in the Bridge Pattern
Unit 3 Choose Your Own Bridge Implementor
Unit 4 Sharing Implementors in the Bridge Pattern
Unit 5 Choosing Implementors on the Fly
Module 6 The Visitor Pattern
Unit 1 Visitor Pattern Intro
Unit 2 New Operations in the Visitor Pattern
Unit 3 Who Travels the Object Structure in the Visitor?
Unit 4 Adding New Types to the Visitor Object Structure
Unit 5 Visitor vs Iterator!
Unit 6 When Visitors Get Too Friendly
Module 7 The Flyweight Pattern
Unit 1 Flyweight Pattern Intro
Unit 2 Simple Flyweight Communication
Unit 3 Flyweight Flow
Unit 4 Sharing Data Structures in the Flyweight
Unit 5 Unshared Flyweights
Module 8 The Composite Pattern
Unit 1 Composite Pattern Intro
Unit 2 Composite Hierarchies
Unit 3 Parental Composites
Unit 4 Maximum Composite
Unit 5 Composite Easiness
Unit 6 Composite Tommyknockers