Episode #553
The TOO HARD Code Smell

When I was a teenager I took flying lessons. I remember one day when I felt like I was really getting a hang of it. I was reacting to the motions of the aircraft, constantly making dozens of tiny control corrections. Just as I was starting to marvel a little at my own skill, my instructor—who could feel every movement I was making on the controls—said: “Hey, settle down! Relax, and stop making so many control inputs!”.

Just as with piloting airplanes, programming takes a lot of skill. But sometimes we can get so caught up in the complexity of what we do that we overcomplicate things for ourselves. In today’s episode, guest chef Chris Doyle is going to show you how sometimes, when what we’re working on seems especially hard, it’s really a sign that we need to take a step back and figure out what we’re missing. Enjoy!

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