Happy Holidays from RubyTapas!

Happy Holidays from RubyTapas! I hope your holidays are filled with family and good food.

As usual, RubyTapas will be taking a little break over the holidays. We’ll be back with more coding goodness January 8th.

I’m especially looking forward to this coming year of the show. The thing is, there’s a limit to how much you can learn from just one programmer’s experiences. So in 2017, I’ve quietly been putting in a great deal of work in behind the scenes to bring you something a little different in 2018: a much more guest-chef focused calendar than we’ve ever had before.

I am super excited about the guest chefs we’ll be featuring in the RubyTapas kitchen in 2018. You’ll be getting insights from a broad range of experts on different topics and aspects of programming. I’m working with the guests to make sure that all of the episodes will be of interest, in one way or another, to working Ruby developers. And of course all of them will be produced to RubyTapas standards of focus, clarity, and pace.

Happy hacking, and I’ll see you in the new year!

— Avdi