Good morning, and happy Sunday! Here are some things I found interesting in the past week.

Recently I polled my Twitter followers on what they’d most like to see me do a course on. The answer was clear: mastering Object-Oriented design, especially as it relates to Ruby on Rails. So I’m making that topic my focus right now.*

As part of this focus, I’m kicking off a brand new, free email course on Lies of Object-Oriented Design in Ruby and Rails. This course confronts some of the fallacies and misconceptions about Object-Oriented programming that I’ve encountered—and believed!—over the years. There are definitely some ideas that run counter to the OO “conventional wisdom” in this course. (Spoiler alert: I don’t believe that Service Objects are the answer to your Rails code organization problems…)

If this sounds interesting to you, you can click here to immediately begin receiving this free course.

And that’s it for this week. Thanks for joining me for BRUNCH. See you next week!


*Don’t worry #nocode mailing list subscribers; your turn is coming!