Episode #272: Complex RSpec Matchers with Noel Rappin

If you enjoyed the previous episode about how RSpec matchers really work, you're in for a treat today. Guest chef Noel Rappin joins us once again, this time to talk about some very cool new features in RSpec 3. Specifically, he's here to show us how to build up compound matchers that can check multiple related expectations at once.
As I mentioned in the last episode, Noel is a programmer at Table XI and the author of the fantastic book, "Rails 4 Test Prescriptions". You can find out more about this and other books by Noel at noelrappin.com.
All right, let's dive in!
Show Notes:

Rails 4 Test Prescriptions: Build a Healthy Code Base by Noel Rappin
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** The attached HTML script also includes the script of the preceding episode because they were originally a single episode.

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