Episode #271: Understanding RSpec Matchers with Noel Rappin

Here on RubyTapas one of my core philosophies is that it is always helpful to learn more about how our tools work under the covers. That's why today I'm very happy to be indtroducing guest chef Noel Rappin, who is going to be explaining how the seemingly magical English-like syntax of RSpec mathers translates to ordinary Ruby code.
Noel is a programmer at Table XI and the author of Rails 4 Test Prescriptions, which is my favorite book on how to test Rails applications. You can find out more about this and other books by Noel at noelrappin.com.
Enough from me, let's watch Noel dissect some RSpec code. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

Rails 4 Test Prescriptions: Build a Healthy Code Base by Noel Rappin
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** The attached HTML script also includes the script of a second, upcoming episode. So only download and read ahead if you want spoilers!

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